dewly, explained

Frequently Asked Questions

“Digital signatures are one of the most promising information security measures available to satisfy the legal and business requirements of authenticity, integrity, non-reputability, and writing and signature.


To meet these requirements, however, digital signature technology must be supported by certain institutional and legal infrastructures as well as cryptographic measures…. A digital signature is an electronic substitute for a manual signature and serves the same functions as a manual signature and more.”


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Is this secure?

Security is at the forefront of everything we do - in fact, it's the reason we built dewly in the first place.


Stored data & personal information is encrypted end-to-end, ensuring a zero-knowledge model, preventing anyone from seeing the contents of any documents stored in dewly, besides the author and the persons signing.


Industry-standard Identity and Access Management protocols (OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect) are used to control Users, Accounts, Authorization, & Authentication. 

What is Certified Signing?

When signing a document with dewly, an auto-generated Signature Certificate is attached to the back of the signed documents.


It certifies the verified identities of the persons signing, their email address, mobile number, physical location and IP address of the device used for signing.


It auto-generates a SIGN ID for each person signing, & a FILE ID is embedded on every page of the document as initials. 

What is Biometric Identity Verification?

Just like an identity document proves one's identity face-to-face, Biometric Identity Verification validates & authenticates a person's identity remotely, using facial biometric technology and comparing it to a Golden Source - either via the Department of Home Affairs or a chosen ID or Passport document.

How much does it cost?

Costing is simple and affordable - $1 per transaction, & $5 per month for file hosting.


A $1.5O fee is also applicable upon the first verification of an individual on your account. 


This equates to massive cost and time savings compared to traditional methods of signing agreements. 

How & when do I pay?

Transactions accumulate monthly & are billed against your Visa or Mastercard on a monthly cycle.